At Apps on Tap, we specialize in transitioning small and medium-sized businesses from legacy on premise IT systems to cloud-based technology, quickly and seamlessly.

We don’t just do apps. And we don’t just do hardware and data. We do it all.

That is what sets Apps on Tap apart.

We deliver IT infrastructure, software and solutions that make hundreds of other software products and services happily work together as a single unified IT solution that lives in the cloud — delivering greater collaboration, productivity, mobility, security and ROI.

We help you lower IT costs, improve service levels, mitigate business risks and bring greater agility and flexibility to your business.

8 unique reasons why Apps on Tap is the smartest Cloud choice

Our Apps on Tap solution is used by over 3,000 users and is easily on a par with the most sophisticated, easy-to-use, custom-built Cloud computing platforms employed in the Fortune 500.

Here’s why.

  • Simple, fast transfer. We find the fastest, smartest way to make your jump to the cloud happen, and then do it all for you — fast. Our average transition is just 5.5 weeks
  • One dashboard. All your programs and data can be found under a single, intuitive dashboard. Less complexity!
  • Unified IT solution. We do more than just host all your applications and data in the Cloud. We replace on-site servers, desktop-installed software and most of your local network administration.
  • Host any program. Unlike generic Hosted Desktop, we host (and maintain) virtually any application — including custom and industry-specific apps.
  • Anywhere, anytime access. Every app from any device — including PC, MAC, IOS and Android — wherever you are.
  • Secure and supported. We use industry-compliant security, backed with world-class support.
  • World-class infrastructure. We possess the world’s most advanced Cloud computing platform for small to midsize business.
  • Experience. We have more than 30 years of experience. We know how to get it right, the first time.