Hospitals and clinics are turning to Cloud systems improve the efficiency and effectiveness of patient care

Cloud systems are becoming more common in medicine as doctors find it necessary to find ways to deliver more comprehensive care to remote areas. Cloud infrastructure enables doctors’ offices to connect with rural locations that often lack quality health services.

Cloud systems also allow doctors to use telepresence and video conferencing solutions that require less clinic space, fewer assistants and thus reduce overheads.

Hospitals can also cut paper, printing and storage costs by letting clinics implement electronic health records systems that reduce the need for physical files.

Apps on Tap Cloud solutions for healthcare include the administrative, physical and technical controls necessary to meet the stringent security, privacy and reliability demands of the sector.

We can host your applications, help you build your own private Cloud or integrate our solutions with your existing infrastructure. In each instance, we specifically designed the solution to ensure it is 100% HIPAA-compliant.