Professional services

Many professional services can reap huge benefits from reconsidering whether IT operations can be put into the Cloud. Moving internal IT and back-office systems such as email and CRMs to a Cloud solution will often free-up cashflow and resources to focus on the firm’s core competency and drive faster growth. In fact, an expert provider […]


For legal firms, Cloud offers significant opportunities to streamline their business activities. In particular Cloud systems offer a more efficient, effective and, crucially, secure means of storing and transmitting legal data. Software and data is available anytime, anywhere on mobile devices and tablets — for both legal professionals and their clients — improving communication and […]

Real estate

Real estate agents and mortgage brokers can reap substantial benefits from migrating to the Cloud. Remote access allows agents to access property data with a client on-site instead of returning to the office to retrieve that information, or trying to recall statistics and numbers from memory. Cloud solutions ensure app and data access anytime, anywhere […]


Organizations have embraced Cloud to reduce costs and to improve IT and business agility. Many are also now see it as a strategic way to limit energy use and reduce their carbon footprint. Large-scale shared infrastructure operated by specialized Cloud providers can unlock substantial energy efficiencies and limit the environmental impact of IT. Studies suggest […]


Inefficiencies inherent in operating multiple platforms are now too costly for distributors. And customers are becoming too technologically savvy for them to not have an interactive, customer-facing on-line option. Cloud solutions enable consolidation and automation that delivers strong, system-wide visibility of inventory and in-the-field pricing control to minimize inventory levels and reduce waste. Broad-line, multi-channel […]


Leading-edge Cloud tech is a perfect match for the manufacturing sector — it can significantly reduce capital expenditures and IT labor costs. Transfer the responsibility for hardware and software investment, maintenance and upgrades to the Internet, where Cloud computing providers like Apps on Tap manage the hassle and expense that would otherwise burden an IT […]

Travel and tourism

Minimize technology costs while delivering more sophisticated products and services. Travel and tourism providers often have business silos that duplicate IT applications and functionality. This fragmented architecture inflates integration costs and limits the ability to share content and information. This complexity reduces agility, making it difficult to keep pace with rapid industry changes. Apps on Tap […]


Successful marketers and CMO-CIO pairs are using the Cloud to build more effective and agile organizations. Organize marketing resources and data around the Cloud to be more relevant to consumers across an increasing array of channels.  Use mobile technology and collaboration to bring geographically distant employees together more often and allow them to get work […]

Not for profit

For Not-For-Profit organizations, Cloud offers a cost-conscious IT solution that allows you to focus resources on your core mission. Shift costs from capital to operational — or from fixed to variable — and eliminate the need to build hardware, install software and pay dedicated software license fees.  Reduce IT overhead without sacrificing business revenue while […]