Do you have questions about Apps on Tap and how our cloud-based platform can help grow your business?  We have the answers!  If your question isn’t listed here, get in touch and we’ll be happy to chat.

Who owns the data?

Your data all belongs to you. It’s your intellectual property. We don’t own it, we simply host it and maintain it securely for you to access and use.

How long does the transition take?

Transition times vary depending on complexity of your existing IT environment and the availability of your staff in the testing stage. However, on average, we take around five-and-a-half weeks from start to finish to transfer all your apps and data to our cloud solution.

How much does it cost?

We offer different solutions for different IT challenges. Our pricing is subscription based on a per user and per server basis (where applicable). Your solution can be fully managed by us or managed by you in your own private cloud. It is typically an all-in price for infrastructure, licensing and support.

Will I save money?

Cloud services should have a significant savings compared to hardware, software, and salary costs you pay now. This will depend a lot on how functional your current IT solution is now and how much of your IT you have already outsourced but nonetheless you should receive greater value and a reduced cost.

What if I cancel my service?

As mentioned above, all data belongs to you. You’ll be able to transition your data, applications and server images back in-house or to another cloud service. Once your contract with us has expired and you have approved the transfer, we’ll permanently delete all data and backups.

This particular program is vital to my business. Can you host it?

We already host more than 500 Windows based programs, many of them industry-specific proprietary software. There’s a very good chance that yours is one of them. If it’s not, we can almost certainly host it, so your people can use it as part of your unified cloud solution.

Do you offer SLAs?

At Apps on Tap our service level objective is to achieve 100% access to the Apps on Tap core application suite. Apps on Tap partners with enterprise grade data centres that are built with the technology required to provide at least a 99.999 SLA on connectivity and power.

Will I need to upgrade software or worry about licenses?

We will handle all upgrades and software licensing on your behalf where applicable (i.e. Microsoft licensing). All of these upgrades occur seamlessly to you and are performed with your consent.