FREE BUYER’s guide to cloud computing

The cloud argument is won. Now, the key issue is crafting the transitional approach that minimizes problems and maximizes both immediate gains and long-term success.

That’s where our free buyer’s guide helps.

This paper provides a snapshot of what is happening in the arena of cloud computing. What is cloud computing? What does the competitive landscape look like for buyers? What are the benefits? What does it mean to a business owner or executive?

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I.T. SIMPLIFIED. Productivity Magnified.

On premise legacy IT is often a complex tangle of in-house applications and databases requiring several operating platforms, specialized knowledge and constant maintenance.

Apps on Tap delivers small and mid-sized businesses maximum flexibility without compromising security.

Apps on Tap is the single solution that magnifies productivity while reducing IT cost and complexity.

  • Unify everything in a fully managed and secure cloud platform that is maintained for you.
  • Web-Based, Windows-Based, Anything-Based, Side-by-Side.
  • Shift IT resources from on-site servers, desktop installed software, upgrade cycles and most local network administration.
  • Simple predictable per user subscription pricing model.
  • The ability to move forward without worrying about IT constraints is empowering to decision makers at all levels.

Why Switch?


Fully managed by one vendor with SLA


Centralized file system accesible to anywhere with the ability to work offline


All applications fully hosted and managed


End to end user support from your offices to the cloud


Industry compliant security and cluster recovery


Peace of Mind


Lower IT Costs


Simple to use and easy to transition to


Improved Quality of Service and Support


Address Compliance or Regulatory Challenges

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